This is the words that I am often said from a person
you're crazy, I don't know your thoughts. I can't understand you...
OK! This is words of the praise!
I don't know Information Technology, but I have many idea.
IR inc is a company have the professional administration, manager, business including the chief technology officer (CTO).
Leave a technique to a professional; and at first SE, PG, a designer of Pro, 100 engineers within this year…No, I gather you as soon as possible!
And I make it while thinking about the thing which only oneself have together.
Probably what an engineer demands most work with a person keeping oneself alive best.
The management is very important.
Because only I lack in the quality of the only IT, I pay attention to an engineer and a chief technology officer (CTO) who can argue equally quickly in companies and review placement, the mind set of the handed-down convention type organization from the origin.
I achieve result in a short time if I do it anyway and there is more than anyone else it and makes money and enjoys now when I work! The best!
It is my mission to fix such an environment.
I was said to a friend two years ago.
"The times when a human being does not need to work come immediately to there". The sense of values of the money changes from now on, too. It was shocking. The world to see changed in an instant.
And I was able to understand.
I remembered that I was told by the senior of the life that what a human being could imagine was feasible originally.
I am excited about now very much.
Even if the world is not changed together, I want to change their world to see!
OK, let's talk all night together until morning!

PS There is an application development story where you would like to make another one.
I have friends who are deaf. When talking to a person, he judges what the other is saying while looking at the other's mouth.
But when two or more people speak at the same time, my friend said they did not know what they were talking at all.
I would like to develop "software that can quickly understand what many people are saying" among many people.
I wanted to help people for the first time while living with luck, timing, and momentum alone.
I want to fulfill this dream.
Surely from now on to the manufacturer!!

IR inc. IT
Shinya Akeda

Only one

There is not the management ignorant about IT

I maintain the professional administration including a chief technology officer (CTO) knowing a lot about IT

Personnel Department

I completely destroy conventional human resource department.
I cannot employ the excellent engineer only by meaningless new college graduate collective adoption and the company briefing session that are a waste of time.
I make full use of one fishing by the full-time adoption person in charge that the characteristic of the engineer is ascertained or introduction inside and outside the company and gather 100 people.

Evaluation system

I maintain structure evaluating ability in a fair and long-term viewpoint.

Change of the process

In the IT industry, speed is super life!
I fix the development system that each person in charge of the engineer can choose the most suitable solution


An IT talented person high as for our demanding it.

Job opening type

  • Project manager (Web open system)
  • Web producer director
  • Web designer, UI/UX designer
  • game producer director planner
  • infrastructure engineer
  • product engineer (hardware software)
  • data scientist
  • smartphone application engineer

Language to be earned most


Adopted for foundation software, Docker etc. as a replacement for C.
Maximum annual income 16 million yen, minimum annual income 6 million yen.


Used for Google, Instagram, Dropbox etc
Maximum annual income 14.9 million yen, minimum annual income 5, 751,000 yen.


Language available for Twitter and Linkedin. There are few engineers able to use this.
Maximum annual income 13 million yen, minimum annual income 6 million yen.


Adopted as one of the standard languages of major companies.
Maximum annual income 12 million yen Minimum 5,750,000 yen


※The annual income is compared with our company


The interview will be held at the nearest branch office.

Nagoya Office

Tokyo Office

Osaka Office

Fukuoka Office

Company Profile

Company name IR inc.
Representative Shinya Akeda (CEO)
Establishment January 2015
Capital 20 million yen.
Officer Shinya Akeda (CEO)
Authorization Paid employment introduction permit number:23-ユ-301332号
Worker dispatching business 派 23-302225
General Counsel Akatsukino law firm
Representative lawyer Risa Kimura
Advisory tax accountant Inoue Tax Accountant Office
Administrative scrivener and social insurance worker Sano General Office
business hours 09:00~18:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (temporary closure available)


I am waiting for your recruitment to make IT with IR inc.


sorry,I don’t speak English